18.11.2014 15:00

Thought we would share with everyone these two new designs we created specifically for the National Trust which are presently awaiting approval.personalised Mugs


The first is a spin off of  a design they used on one of their bags and it simulates an oak tree created from the national trust logo. We have adapted the design for each of the twenty odd official National Trust colours. (yes they have that many) so that will make quite a mug collection for members.Keep Calm mugs

The wording around the mug is easily adapted from the generic  NATIONAL TRUST  to a welsh variation as well as for  location specific sites like Tre degar House. The design is available on our 10oz ceramic mug as well as the smaller Fine bone china mug.

The second mug is again a spin off of an existing NT design and is we think rather colourful.personalised Mugs

Tea anyone?



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